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Guild name Land Region Outpost name Q Material Flower
Wild Maguss Fyros Oflovak's Oasis West Blackburn Border Post 100 Greslin Filament Balance
Wild Maguss Fyros Frahar Towers Hightowers Farm 150 Tekorn Bramble Dexterity
Les Eclaireurs d Atys Fyros Dunes of Exile Malmont Farm 200 Egiros Pollen Constitution
Keepers of Darkness Fyros Savage Dunes Southend Dune Farm 200 Maga Creeper Wisdom
Grave of The Fireflies Fyros Scorched Corridor Woodburn Magic Pole 250 Armilo Lichen Will
Les Eclaireurs d Atys Fyros Scorched Corridor Woodburn Stronghold 250 Vedice Sap Strength
Wulfspack Fyros Imperial Dunes Blackburn Trade Post 050 Tekorn Bramble Intelligence
Liberi Margus Matis Fleeting Garden Finder's Farm 100 Maga Creeper Will
Rift Walkers Matis Knoll of Dissent Wooky Workshop 150 Armilo Lichen Strength
La Firme Matis Upper Bog Fearing Fen Farm 200 Cheng Root Metabolism
Rift Walkers Matis Hidden Source Berello Gorge Border Post 200 Greslin Filament Intelligence
Celestai Matis Grove of Confusion Westgrove Stronghold 250 Tekorn Bramble Balance
Dharm Matis Grove of Confusion Ginti Workshop 250 Rubbarn Gum Balance
Rift Walkers Matis Majestic Garden Psykopla Knoll Trading Post 050 Armilo Lichen Constitution
Spiritus Artificis Tryker Winds of Muse Windway Workshop 100 Tekorn Bramble Metabolism
La Tribu Talodi Tryker Fount Fount Porch Trade Post 150 Greslin Filament Intelligence
Mad Russians Tryker Bounty Beaches Twintops Workshop 200 Vedice Sap Constituiton
Pirates of Darkmoor Tryker Enchanted Isle Graveyard Gate Research Centre 200 Armilo Lichen Balance
Spiritus Artificis Tryker Lagoons of Loria Loria Stronghold 250 Maga Creeper Wisdom
Spiritus Artificis Tryker Lagoons of Loria Whirling Strongold 250 Egiros Pollen Dexterity
Pirates of Darkmoor Tryker Liberty Lake Greenvale Trade Post 050 Greslin Filament Strength
Monks of Atys Zorai Maiden Grove Sai-Shun Stronghold 100 Armilo Lichen Wisdom
Grave of The Fireflies Zorai Haven of Purity Demon's Crossroads Diplomatic Outpost 150 Maga Creeper Wisdom
Monks of Atys Zorai Grove of Umbra Gu-Qin Workshop 200 Tekorn Bramble Strength
Celestai Zorai Knot of Dementia Great Outback Workshop 200 Rubbarn Gum Metabolism
Obscurus Lilium Zorai Void Zo-Kian Ruins Workshop 250 Cheng Root Intelligence
Fury of Darkness Zorai Void Lost Valley Stronghold 250 Greslin Filament Will
Wulfspack Zorai Cities of Intuition Qai-Du Workshop 050 Maga Creeper Dexterity

War history

Outpost Attacker Defender Datetime
Ginti Workshop Dharm les disciples du desert 1417212000
Westgrove Stronghold Armageddons Celestai 1417212000
Blackburn Trade Post Stalkende Pikserin mit Sklaven Oxymore 1415847600
Greenvale Trade Post Stalkende Pikserin mit Sklaven The Friendly Marauder 1415559600
Blackburn Trade Post Stalkende Pikserin mit Sklaven Oxymore 1415412000