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After making several small local pages for Ryzom, I decided to start putting them together for others to use.

Have ideas, comments, questions, found a bug, etc? Talk to me in game, send me an in game mail or look me up on irc (freenode). All feedbacks for both constructive critisism or just a comment on what you think is always welcome.

-- Drogos, Spiritus Artificis

Thanks to

Tuxi for custom artwork and helping testing and keeping up with me and all the time I spend on this.

Dinorath for testing and coming with good ideas.

Karu for good repos with useful libs and resources.

Kervala for good time calculations.

Mjollren for malus values pairings for the malus calculator and other good ideas.

Yorran for helping out with all the hard math.

Ryzom community for just being awesome!