Painted shalah


Welcome to Ryztools.

What is implemented:

  • Season change information.
  • See information about your toons.
  • See information about guilds.
  • Outpost information.

Partly implemented:

  • Custom share settings.
  • Guild profiles.

Highlight of things to come:

  • Custom maps.
  • Image sharing.
  • Character profiles.
  • Seasoned mats list.
  • API proxy.

How the site works

Create a profile

To create a profile, you can log in with any google account you like. The login will automatically create an account where you can add api keys from the game.

Once logged in, you can visit "my page", to add api keys. This can be keys for characters or guilds, and will enable you to see their profile out of game.

On the page for your guild or character, you can choose to share parts of this information to other players. If you are part of a guild and someone added a key for your guild, you will automatically gain access to the guild as you would in game.

Why Google login?

Any login system would do, but Google was easy to implement. To enable apps to link to the account in the future, share information between the page and the app, Google sign in seems to be an account system that is supported by many platforms.